Common Dental Emergencies And First Aid

Common Dental Emergencies And First Aid

Posted by BROADMOOR DENTAL on Jan 13 2021, 07:38 AM

A dental emergency is a medical emergency where delaying proper medical attention can result in tooth loss or severe health issues. And it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. So, it is recommended to know about common dental emergencies and the appropriate first aid methods.

Broken Tooth

This type of dental emergency is common among children, as they tend to fall during playtime. You can get the broken piece implanted if you can undergo the procedure within 30 minutes. 

So, what to do if you broke your teeth?

First, collect the tooth fragments. Make sure that you are not touching the root. Rinse it in water for 10 seconds. Now try to reinsert the tooth back after washing the mouth. You can use a gauze pad to hold the tooth in place.  If it is not in a condition to be reinserted, store it in between your cheek and gum or milk or any saline solution. This will help the fragment from drying out.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, carefully collect it without touching the root area. Touch the crown area instead. Next, if it’s possible, put the tooth back to the socket, or you can put it in a small container with saline solution or milk in it. To reduce the pain bleeding, and swelling, you can use a gaze pad or ice pack.


Bleeding in your mouth can be an indication of many things, from gingivitis to cancer. Accidents can also start bleeding from teeth or gums. The dentist recommends applying pressure to the bleeding area using wet gauze. Also, place an ice-pack closer the cheek to the cheek until you get to the nearest dentistry.

It is important that you provide proper first aid within minutes during a dental emergency. This will increase the chances of saving your teeth. Remember, not all teeth are replaceable. 

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