Is There An Age Limit To Get Dental Braces?

Is There An Age Limit To Get Dental Braces?

Posted by Broadmoor Dental on Nov 10 2021, 11:11 PM

What image does the word "braces" invoke in your mind? Is it of a teenager having a mouth full of metal wires and brackets? If your answer is a yes, it's time to rethink that idea.

These days, a considerable number of adults are opting for dental braces to get the aesthetic smile they've always desired. Now, the question is, "Is there an age limit to get dental braces?" The answer is an obvious No!

As per the American Association of Orthodontists, there is no age limit for getting orthodontic braces. The major prerequisite for getting dental braces is to have permanent teeth and a healthy jaw bone.  

So, if you are an adult looking to fix your dental misalignments and straighten your teeth with braces, your Colorado Springs dentist will give you more idea about the procedure.

What Adults Should Know Before Getting Braces

To get dental braces, younger patients need to have only a complete set of permanent teeth. However, adults need to meet a few more requirements to have successful dental braces.  

Strong teeth and jawbones are important
The primary requirement to get fitted with dental braces is to have a healthy set of permanent teeth and a healthy jaw bone. This is highly desirable to avoid undesired future consequences like gum disease, jaw issues, tooth decay, or cavities.

Not all misalignments are easy to solve
Since adult teeth stop growing after a point, it is not easy to correct some severe dental misalignments. Braces alone cannot accomplish some structural changes for some patients but may require oral surgery to achieve good results. Of course, cases might be different for each patient, and these difficulties might not always be a straight result of an individual's age alone.

Treatment may involve more than orthodontics
When an adult seeks to undergo orthodontic treatments, they might have to get other dental issues treated first. For example, if an adult has gum disease or a dental infection, they may need to fix it with a dental filling, root canal, or other dental procedures before the orthodontic treatment.

Bracing Yourself for Treatment

As an adult, when you undergo orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth, you can get the benefits of an aligned and straight set of teeth, a better bite, and an aesthetic smile. However, before you commit to orthodontic treatments,  know what you're getting into.

When you undergo orthodontic procedures, 
  • Ensure that you are dedicated to the treatment and have time for dental checkups. 
  • Be careful while eating food as hard or sticky foods can break off the braces. 
  • Brush and floss well. 

Orthodontic treatments provide the best option to straighten misaligned teeth and improve the appearance of one's smile.

Our dental experts at Broadmoor Dental provide the best orthodontic treatments in Colorado Springs to correct the dental issues of our patients. To book an appointment, call (719) 576-5566, or visit us at 1930 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

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