The Role of Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our dentist, Dr. Nicolas Pruett, provides teeth whitening treatments that patients can undergo in our office during their dental appointment or at home. While the in-office option provides immediately brighter results, professional-grade, at-home teeth whitening treatment fills a particular and important role in cosmetic dental care.

Stronger Results

There is a common misconception that the professional whitening treatments you can get at the dentist are similar to the over-the-counter options you can find at the store. The myth is that the patient in question is the one who is providing the treatment, so the quality of the whitening will be limited to the patient’s ability to follow either product’s instructions.

This belief simply isn’t true when it comes to developing a brighter smile. Take-home whitening treatments prescribed by our dentist provide stronger results than the store-bought teeth bleaching products. The ingredients used in professional-grade whitening products are carefully formulated so that doctors can help patients achieve a brighter, longer-lasting improvement to the smile’s appearance.


In-office teeth whitening treatments are a great way to develop an instantly brighter smile for coming events, such as weddings and job interviews. However, this treatment requires an hour at the dentist’s office. You would need to extend your regularly scheduled appointment to accommodate the treatment, or another appointment may have to be scheduled entirely. Either way, some patients don’t have the time to accommodate an in-office procedure.

Take-home treatment is a convenient option for patients who cannot schedule an in-office teeth whitening appointment. Obtaining the whitening product doesn’t require any additional time during your dental appointment, and the regular application of the whitening treatment easily folds into your existing daily routine.

Whitening Maintenance

Dr. Pruett does not solely provide these whitening options as independent solutions; in-office and take-home whitening treatments can be combined in a plan to help you brighten your smile.

Teeth whitening results will fade over time, and so it can be difficult to maintain a luminous shade between your in-office whitening appointments. Until your next visit, take-home teeth whitening is an excellent way to keep your smile bright.

Contact Us for Teeth Whitening Treatments

Broadmoor Dental offers teeth whitening treatments in Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, and the surrounding communities. Take-home whitening treatments, as well as the in-office option, frequently plays a part in the cosmetic dental services we provide to our patients. For more information about cosmetic dentistry, call our practice and schedule your appointment today!

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