The Value of Composite Fillings

For patients with teeth compromised by decay, dental fillings have become an essential solution that allows them to smile and function normally. While amalgam is one of several materials that can effectively seal and restore treated teeth, the most beneficial option for some patients may be tooth-colored composite resin.

The following benefits and advantages outline why composite resin is the ideal material for dental fillings:

Blending In. Composite resin is popular among dentists and patients because it resembles the natural appearance of teeth. This allows your personal aesthetics to be preserved, instead of altered due to the use of amalgam materials. You can smile and function with confidence.

Less Preparation and More Strength. Since the resin will be bonded in place, your teeth will not need the extensive alteration associated with amalgam fillings. This bonding process also makes the tooth stronger, thus protecting it against damage.

Less Time in the Dental Office. Shuffling your work schedule in order to make appointments can be a hassle. Whereas other restorations may take multiple appointments to complete, composite fillings can be placed during the course of one visit. Not only that, but they quickly harden after initial treatment; you won’t have to wait long before enjoying your favorite foods.

Easy repair. If your composite fillings happen to break, whether due to trauma or other factors, you won’t have to worry about replacing them outright; your dentist should be able to repair them with no issue and in a very short time.

Healthy reputation. While amalgam fillings are safe for most patients, many prefer to distance themselves from any option that involves the introduction of metal to their system. This is particularly true for those who are sensitive or allergic to the metals in amalgam. More and more dentists are offering patients the opportunity to replace their worn amalgam fillings with composites. Ultimately many patients prefer to be safe, not sorry.

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