What are the Advantages of Zirconia Crowns?

While all dentists would agree that preserving naturally healthy teeth is the best option for longstanding dental health, there are circumstances that prevent patients from enjoying the benefits of a complete smile. To help those with failing restorations or who are missing teeth altogether, zirconia crowns provide the perfect marriage of strength and aesthetics.

These dental restorations provide aesthetic benefits and a correlated boost in self-confidence. Beyond their visual impact, zirconia crowns’ advantages include:

High Resiliency against Wear

Zirconia’s crystalline properties make it stronger than traditional restorative materials. This unsurpassed strength allows Dr. Pruett to remove less of the natural tooth to support the crown, making treatment with these restorations a more conservative approach. The strength of a zirconia restoration helps it last for years to come, maintaining its durability in even the most trying circumstances, including teeth grinding (bruxism).

Complements Your Smile’s Natural Beauty

Dental zirconia is aesthetically similar to that of a genuinely healthy smile, especially when compared to other materials valued for their strength, such as metal alloy and high noble gold crowns. Zirconia restorations have nearly identical translucency as natural teeth, allowing them to blend seamlessly with their neighbors. Particularly in cases where the original teeth had intrinsic staining or were affected by chronic infection, patients who receive these crowns gain a dental appearance that is greatly improved.

As truly modern restorative options, zirconia crowns are often designed from digital impressions, allowing for more precision when it comes to matching the shape of surrounding, healthy teeth and complementing the contours of a patient’s smile.

Works in Concert with Your Oral Biology

Zirconia crowns do not aggravate the sensitivities and allergies some patients experience with restorations made out of metal alloys. As a naturally occurring substance, zirconia has high biocompatibility, which is perfect for individuals with even the mildest aversion to traditional restorative dental materials. This inherent quality, along with the ability to be adjusted chairside, mean these crowns can be tailored to be as comfortable as they are functional.

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There’s no reason to live with old or failing restorations that keep you from smiling confidently, especially when you have the choice of durable, aesthetically pleasing zirconia. Dr. Nicolas Pruett is passionate about helping each patient discover their smile’s potential and providing solutions that improve dental health and beauty.

For more information on the cosmetic and functional benefits of zirconia crowns, call our Colorado Springs practice today and schedule a consultation.

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