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Your Source for Lumineers® in Colorado Springs

Dental veneers are an excellent choice to restore teeth that have cosmetic flaws. However, traditional dental veneers require preparation of your existing teeth which means altering the enamel in an irreversible process.

Dr. Nicolas Pruett offers Lumineers® in Colorado Springs, a low to no prep, ultra-thin option that can be completed in only two visits to Broadmoor Dental.

Are Lumineers® Right for You?

Our dentist will evaluate your total oral health and review his findings with you. If your smile has been compromised due to purely cosmetic reasons, and no malocclusion is present, then you may be a good candidate for this treatment option.

The Lumineers® Difference

With Lumineers, it is usually unnecessary for extensive preparation or acrylic temporaries, unlike the process to receive traditional veneers. These veneers are also thinner, stronger, and more translucent.

A revolutionary advancement in dentistry, the Lumineers® system provides imaging technology that allows Dr. Pruett to precisely illustrate your personal results before the procedure, and with this dental simulation technique, can also obtain the necessary dental impressions.

The LUMITray device allows Dr. Pruett to apply the veneers all at once for a natural and uniformly beautiful new smile. After the bonding of your Lumineers® is complete, Dr. Pruett will check your bite and make any adjustments necessary.

Why Should I Choose Lumineers®?

These ultra-thin veneers can correct teeth that are –

  • Chipped or Cracked
  • Crowded or Gapped
  • Small or Misshapen
  • Discolored and Resistant to Whitening

This cosmetic option also fits in well with other complementary treatments like teeth whitening. Since veneers cannot be whitened, Dr. Pruett offers whitening for your other teeth to create a consistent shade and allow your entire smile to be bright and beautiful.

Qualified to Deliver Beautiful Results

Dr. Pruett is highly trained in delivering the benefits of Lumineers® and has expertise in performing this procedure.  When you choose Broadmoor Dental for veneers, you have put yourself in good hands.

Our dental office is accepting new patients; if you are seeking to improve the look of your smile, you owe it to yourself to call Broadmoor Dental. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pruett today, your expert provider for Lumineers® in Colorado Springs. 

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