Endodontics in Colorado Springs, CO

Endodontics in Colorado Springs, CO

The root canal is the central cavity that every tooth houses. It is filled with the dental pulp that comprises blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for the nourishment and sensation of the tooth. Sometimes, the root canal can get severely infected when a cavity grows deeper and reaches the inner layers of the tooth. This leads to a condition called root canal infection, which can put the tooth at risk of being extracted.

What are the symptoms of root canal infection?

  • Severe pain in the teeth and gums whenever you bite or chew food.
  • Persistent irritation in the gum tissues.
  • Bleeding and release of pus near the infected tooth.
  • The decay of nearby gum tissues.
  • Loosening of the tooth from its socket
  • Jawbone deterioration
  • The infected tooth would experience elevated levels of sensitivity
  • Discoloration of the infected tooth


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