Prosthodontics in Colorado Springs, CO

Prosthodontics in Colorado Springs, CO

Popular dental prosthetics

Dental implants: Implants are one of the most sought-after dental restorations to replace extracted teeth. They are made from titanium and placed directly in the jawbone, and the ceramic crown will be custom-fabricated and placed on the implant. The crown would be personalized to match the exact aesthetics of the adjoining teeth so that your prosthetic would be indistinguishable.

Dental crowns: Crowns are prosthetic restorations made from tooth-colored, dental-grade ceramic. They look exactly like natural teeth from the outside but are hollow on the inside. They are used to restore teeth that are broken, cracked, worn out, chipped, or too weak to sustain by themselves. They restore both oral functionality and aesthetics.

Dental veneers: Veneers are wafer-thin restorations attached to the teeth on their frontal surface using dental adhesives. They are predominantly used for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing the excessive gaps between adjacent teeth, restoring chipped or naturally misshapen teeth, treating the teeth for cracks, whitening severely stained teeth, etc.

Dentures: Dentures are the most preferred solution for patients who have a large number of missing teeth. They are fabricated from a combination of dental-grade ceramic and gum-colored acrylic, thereby mimicking the teeth and gum tissues. They are removable prostheses that are easy to maintain, easy to clean, restore both oral functionality and aesthetics, and also make your face look fuller.

Bridges: Bridges are prosthetic teeth made from dental-grade ceramic. They are a combination of a solid prosthetic tooth combined with dental crowns on either side, which hold the tooth stably in place and keep it from getting displaced.


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