Zoom Whitening in Colorado Springs, CO

Zoom Whitening in Colorado Springs, CO

Your teeth get stained or discolored over time due to a number of reasons, including your diet, medications, trauma, etc. But the advancements made in dentistry have made it possible to get that pearly white smile again with certain teeth whitening options, out of which Zoom whitening is claimed to be the best. This is because you can see immediate results along with long-lasting effects; hence you can achieve a new smile within a few days, instead of weeks.

Zoom Whitening Process

When you visit us for zoom whitening, at first, our dentist will protect your lips and gums using a shield to avoid them getting bleached. Then, will apply a whitening gel formulated with hydrogen peroxide to your teeth and repeat it three to four times for about 15 minutes each. After this step, the dentist uses special lighting to help the gel penetrate into the enamel and emit oxygen into the dentin. This makes the bleaching action and whitens the teeth. After the treatment for a day or half, your teeth might feel a bit sensitive. You will be advised not to drink or eat certain types of food for a while.


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